How to Choose Your Eyelash Adhesives

Adhesives for eyelashes are arguably one of the most practical beauty additives of our modern lives. And as expected of any significant invention, there are literally dozens of myths and misconceptions revolving around the subject of such adhesives, glues, and their accompaniments. So it’s important to clear the air and settle the scores (if there are any). Here’s a quick primer to what you need to know when picking the appropriate lash extensions adhesive for your new set of flickering jewels.

1. FDA Approval

A few select glue manufacturers in the frontline of this behemoth industry have their products within the range of FDA requirements of not having any more than 2% formaldehyde in them. These are your best picks. Apparently, formaldehyde is used as a preservative, and a necessary chemical solvent in most adhesives and an excess of it is not usually safe for human use. This point should even be more relevant to you if you’re allergic to industrial solvents or if you have a poor tolerance to formaldehyde or products containing it – such as shower gels, shampoos and an assortment of other products. As far as this goes, you ideal adhesive for your lashes should be a brand that contains no more than 2% of this complex compound as a preservative. Xtreme Lashes Glue is formaldehyde free.

2. Surgical Grade or not?

The best eyelashes adhesives is also marked as ‘surgical grade.’ And this means that they have passed the necessary qualitative and safety tests to be used on human soft tissue. This makes them some of the safest products you can be comfortable using. Prioritize these.

3. Hypoallergenic Eyelashes Adhesives

You have probably already come across lash glue marked as ‘hypoallergenic.’ And it might sound confusing especially when paired with “FDA Approved” or its equivalent. This indicates that the manufacturer in question has a gone a step further to make sure that their product has the least chance of triggering an allergic reaction, particularly to consumers with relatively hypersensitive skin. And this is done using a combination of ingredients that are a tad gentler on the skin than their non-hypoallergenic counterparts. In other words, you will have little to no chance of developing a rash while using hypoallergenic eyelash adhesives. So if you’re undecided on two brands, your best bet should be the one that is proven to be hypoallergenic. Xtreme Lashes Glue is proven to be hypoallergenic.

4. The Price of the Eyelash Adhesive

one of the best ways of spotting original adhesives from their substandard counterparts lies in the threshold of their prices. Genuine and quality glue is on average, priced in the range of HK$1000 or there about per set.

Bad (and often unsafe) glues are often incredibly cheap – within the range of HK$20 to HK$200 – to drive sales and compensate for their lack of quality. Steer clear of these, cheap is always expensive in the long run with the potential damages done to your lashes or otherwise.

The Bottom Line

Remember that you will still need a skilled lash artist to ensure maximum comfort, aesthetics, and safety. Therefore, the best approach as far as this goes is pairing a quality safe glue with the services of a professional lash makeup artists for an overall fulfilling experience with your new lashes.

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